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89: The Content creators Handbook

GZ Chop Shop
GZ Chop Shop
89: The Content creators Handbook

Wild for Games is a YouTuber artist, and stream coach, and has the best hair on any platform. He joined GZ Chop Shop to share his insight and advice on content creation. Wild recalled how he helped GZ Chop Shop’s channel owner when they were starting out, and praised them for pursuing their passion. He encouraged others to take the steps and go for it, as it takes time to build rapport and get comfortable. Wild has been in content creation for years and was asked how he got into it. He shared his story and what inspired him to pursue it. He also reminded others to be consistent when creating content, as it takes time and dedication to build a successful platform. Wild’s advice was inspiring and helpful for others looking to get into content creation.


00:25 – Interview with Wild for Games: A YouTuber Artist, Stream Coach, and Hair Guru

02:46 – Heading: How I Became a Content Consultant on Twitch

04:34 – Heading: Benefits of Twitch and YouTube for Content Creators

07:49 – Discussion on YouTube and Twitch as Platforms for Growing an Audience

10:18 – Overcoming Analysis Paralysis: How to Plant the Seeds for Growing Your Channel

10:59 – Conquering Analysis Paralysis: Overcoming Fear to Achieve Success in Live Streaming Content Creation

12:35 – Conversation Summary: Overcoming Obstacles and Improving Skills

14:07 – Conversation on the Gaming Industry: Yuli and [Name] Reflect on Two Years of Collaboration

16:11 – Analysis of Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the Impact on the Gaming Industry

18:53 – Discussion on the Mergers and Acquisitions of Streaming Platforms

20:30 – “Understanding Esports and Monetizing Your Channel: Tips from an Ecommerce Expert”

22:29 – “The Grind of Professional Streaming: How to Monetize Your Brand and Channel”

24:05 – “Understanding Your Worth as a Content Creator”

29:18 – Heading: Diversifying Your Live Streaming Revenue Streams

31:11 – Discussion on Diversifying Streamer Income and the Importance of Branding

38:02 – Exploring Affordable Options for Entry-Level Streaming

39:06 – “The Art of Creating Engaging Thumbnails: Tips from a Professional Content Creator”

42:37 – “The Importance of Thumbnail and Title Optimization for YouTube Videos”

46:30 – “How to Leverage Niche Content to Grow Your YouTube Channel”

48:36 – Interview with Content Creator: Tips for Starting Out and Competing with Big Content Creators

50:53 – Conversation on Cooking Channel, Art, and Newsletter Creation

55:10 – Conversation on Utilizing Email Newsletters and LinkedIn for Brand Promotion

58:32 – Conversation on Determination and Overcoming Rejection

1:00:14 – Conversation on Preventing Burnout in the Creative Workflow

1:02:00 – “Learning to Deal with Toxicity: How to Balance Work and Self-Care”

1:05:34 – Interview with Wild for Games: How to Handle Negative Reactions and Criticism

1:07:01 – Conversation with Jeezy, Creator of Wildfor Games and Wildcreates

1:08:52 – Interview with Wild: Exploring the Creative Platforms of the GZ Chop Shop

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Gregory is a military veteran, content creator, avid gamer and host of the GZ Chop Shop podcast.Gregory is a military veteran of 8 years. After leaving the service, Gregory has pursued his passion for content creation and has since been producing podcasts and written articles across varying topics like technology and gaming. In his free time, Gregory is an avid gamer. His passion for the industry is evident in what he produces every day.

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