After Thoughts After Dark

Hosted ByUly & Warnurse

What are the thoughts that keep you up at night? How about the secrets you never share? The boys Projektitachi, Uly, and Warnurse spice things up with topics and conversations, and interviews that most people wouldn't dare mention. Welcome to After Dark.

2: This weeks thoughts: Let’s talk feet with Momma Goodz

The After Thoughts After Dark podcast
The After Thoughts After Dark podcast
2: This weeks thoughts: Let's talk feet with Momma Goodz

This week we sat down with Momma Goodz and discussed the world of Instagram foot modeling, the world of feet, and dive into why one of the most common and oldest kinks around is also one of the most scrutinized.

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Military veteran, podcaster, entrepreneur, and hardcore gamer. It's a rare day when he sleeps for more than 4 hours.
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