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The video game and tech industries are billion-dollar markets that are increasing every year. But do you know what's going on beyond what you play and buy? Hosts Greg (ProjektItachi) and Daniel (Warnurse) deep dive and discuss what you wish you knew before clicking BUY.

130: The Pinnacle of gaming

GZ Chop Shop
GZ Chop Shop
130: The Pinnacle of gaming

Episode Summary

The GZ Chop Shop crew explores a PC gamer’s experience with the PS5, virtual reality, and the drawbacks of having a console today. Additionally, they delve into the impact of generational differences on gaming technology and the potential future developments in gaming, including the integration of artificial intelligence and virtual reality into our daily lives.

Episode Highlights

• The rarity of being able to purchase a PS5 and the PS5’s availability.

• Reflections on the changes in gaming from sharing consoles with friends to the necessity of owning individual consoles.

• Plans on shopping around for a PSVR2 headset and weighs the pros and cons of ownership.

• The potential of virtual reality technology and its ability to provide simulated experiences.

• The possibility of temperature-adjustable controllers to enhance the gaming experience on the PS5.

• Delving into the impact of future artificial intelligence developments on society, including the use of robots in hospitals.

• The lack of regulations surrounding AI development and use is a concern, as it raises the potential for AI to be used in unethical or harmful ways.

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