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129: Removing the Human Creative WGA calls for strike in entertainment

GZ Chop Shop
GZ Chop Shop
129: Removing the Human Creative WGA calls for strike in entertainment

The Writers Guild of America is attempting to combat large corporations from replacing human creativity with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This conversation discusses the implications of normalizing AI, as it would remove human creativity from the equation and replace it with AI. This could lead to the media not delivering messages that are important, as they could be programmed by those in positions of power. An example of this is the movie Nefarious, which is flying under the radar despite many people leaving with a different mindset, as it delivers messages that those in power do not want the public to know. Russian bots have also been used to influence public opinion, which further demonstrates the power of programming. Therefore, it is important to not normalize AI and to recognize the implications of replacing human creativity with AI.


00:00 – “GZ Chop Shop Podcast: Breaking Down the Writers Guild of America Strike”

02:50 – AI Replacing Jobs: The Realities of the Media Industry

04:27 – “The Dangers of Replacing Human Creativity with AI”

08:47 – Heading: Writers Across America Strike: A Discussion on the Impact of AI and Media Trust

10:55 – Heading: Understanding the Impact of Streaming Services on Writers’ Royalties

13:04 – “The Impact of Streaming Services on Writers and Their Salaries”

17:09 – Heading: Streaming Services and Unions: Exploring the Impact of Profits on Writers and Other Crew Members

23:50 – Heading: Discussion on the Impact of Strikes on the Entertainment Industry

29:58 – Discussion on the Impact of COVID-19 on the World

31:52 – “The Writers Guild and the Impact of AI on the Entertainment Industry”

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