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121: A slow march to the end

GZ Chop Shop
GZ Chop Shop
121: A slow march to the end

What are we going to do as a society when too many people in the world are replaced by automation? How do we balance technology and AI with humanity?

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we continue to talk about AI and how they are undeniably slowly taking over people’s jobs. In the last 3 months of this year alone, there have been massive layoffs from 16 companies, and just recently, CNET has been reported to have laid off 50% of its workforce. Compared to the other tech layoffs that happened this year, CNET’s case is unique because of the mention of AI.

Listen in as we share our thoughts on how these machines are being used by companies to replace skilled and highly educated employees to cut down costs and get things done more efficiently, and we as a society should be wary about it.

Quick episode summary:

02:16CNET lays off 50% of its workforce

10:44People are slowly being replaced by AI

12:2216 Companies have had layoffs this year alone

21:48Nobody is safe from being replaced by AIs

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