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Corporate tech

Do you really own your games and tech? What is buried in the terms and conditions most of us never read? We also discuss the major cutbacks across the tech industry in preparation for a possible recession. How did so many “needed” jobs suddenly become unnecessary expenses? And are streaming services getting out of hand?

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What ever happened to GameStop?

Such a good episode as we talk about gaming icon shop GameStop and its post-COVID struggles as it begins to fade into obscurity and tries to find new footing. We also highlight our favorite upcoming games for the rest of 2022 and wrap things up with our top anime and TV show picks of the week. 

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Ghosts in the machine

Technology continues to leap ahead at a rapid pace. But are we trying too hard to be more than human? This week we discuss Elon Musk’s neural link and Ai’s mimicking the deceased. One of our most thought-provoking episodes yet.

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The dark side of NVIDIA

What has NVIDIA been keeping from its shareholders? Apple brings the era of IPods to an end, and why is famed developer SQUARE ENIX selling some of its best IPs? We cover it all in this week’s episode.

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Elon vs the world

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter. Are his goals of free speech truly the only reason, or is there more he has yet to mention? We also cover Ads coming to console games in the near future. 

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Star Wars, unions and underwear?

This week we cover the new Star Wars game in the works at Skydance Media, Nintendo of America’s legal issues with unions, and an Elden Ring underwear hack that is seeing players banned.

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We need to discuss toxic fanbases

This episode shines a light on the one thing holding all anime and gaming fanbases back…the toxic noise. We also talk about the REAL reason why you can’t get a PS5.

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The rise and fall of E3

This week we talk about the cancellation of major gaming expo E3 and what this means for the future of the once large gaming convention in the coming years.

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E3 is DONE! E3 2022 canceled!

Another E3 was canceled. Is the once large gaming convention in its final days after 26 years? Or can they make a comeback in 2023? We discuss the future of E3.

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