The Star Wars Legacy

On this special Star Wars episode of the GZ Chop Shop podcast, hosts Project and Ward Nurse discussed the upcoming 40th anniversary of the movie Return of the Jedi. They both expressed interest in seeing the movie in theaters, reminiscing about the experience of seeing it in theaters as a kid. They discussed the importance of hearing the original John Williams Orchestra symphony and Star Wars music in theaters and noted that the prequels are now classic movies after being over 20 years old.

00:00 – “GZ Chop Shop Podcast: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of ‘Return of the Jedi’ with a Special Star Wars Episode”02:38 – Conversation Analysis: Star Wars Sequels and the Impact of Changing Directors05:51 – Analysis of George Lucas’ Star Wars Prequels and Sequels09:00 – Analysis of George Lucas’ Use of Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy10:26 – Heading: Analysis of Disney’s Star Wars Adaptations and Criticisms12:43 – Conversation Summary: Introducing Starkiller to the Star Wars Universe17:45 – Discussion: Potential Ways to Introduce Starkiller into the Star Wars Universe19:44 – Discussion on Rey’s Training and the Restarting of the Jedi Order22:24 – Conversation Summary: Anakin’s Approach to the Younglings in Star Wars24:25 – Discussion on Anakin Skywalker’s Struggles and Neglect in the Star Wars Franchise27:36 – Discussion of Jedi and Sith Tactics in the Star Wars Universe29:55 – Discussion: The Impact of Jedi Training on Younglings in the Star Wars Universe

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