Nintendo Enters Mobile Markets – Is Cloud Gaming Dominance In Sight?

Microsoft recently entered a ten-year agreement with British tech company EE in order to extend their cloud service and mobile gaming. it’s no secret that the tech giant wants to make gaming a completely digital ecosystem, where gamers can access games from a digital library, play them, and return them to the cloud. Microsoft made the announcement of the agreement with EE, but has provided few details on what the ten-year partnership will entail. Could this partnership help Microsoft reach its goal of creating a fully digital gaming ecosystem with the broadest reach yet? We also discuss how Nintendo is working to strengthen the digitalization of its business and create new value-added services under the name Nintendo Systems.


00:00 – Microsoft and EE Enter Ten-Year Agreement: What Does It Mean for the Future of Gaming?02:33 – Heading: Microsoft’s Ten-Year Agreement with British Mobile Company EE: What Does It Mean?08:10 – Microsoft’s Ten-Year Partnership with EE: Examining the Impact on the Gaming Industry10:44 – “Exploring Nintendo’s Digitalization and Potential for a Nintendo Phone”12:16 – Discussion on the Potential Impact of Nintendo Entering the Mobile Market16:25 – Analysis of the Potential Success of a Nintendo TV18:30 – “Exploring Nintendo’s Potential Partnership with DNA and Microsoft’s Upcoming Showcase”21:09 – Heading: Microsoft’s Upcoming Xbox Bethesda Showcase – June 6th24:35 – “Exploring the Xbox Ecosystem: A Discussion on the Upcoming Xbox Bethesda Showcase”


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