Has technology gone too far?

The possibilities of technology and its advancements are endless. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, we are witnessing a rapid evolution in the way we interact with the world around us. 

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we are going to talk about technology in general and how it is equally terrifying and exciting to be able to do things that we did not know could be possible, starting with the possibility of scanning our palms to pay for things. Amazon introduced Amazon One’s palm scanning checkout, which is a new technology that allows customers to pay for their purchases by simply scanning their palms. On one hand, this contactless payment method is convenient and secure. But on the other hand, this technology could be pushing it a little too much. 

Imagine all the things that could happen when this kind of technology is normalized. What do you think? 

Quick episode summary: 01:25 Let’s talk about technology in general 07:30 The possibility of having a parallel universe 14:39 Scanning your palm to pay using Amazon One? 27:05 Too much tech can take away our very essence as humans34:11 Conspiracy theory: this could be a distraction

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