Hello I am your AI

What happens to humanity when the machines that we have built end up becoming much smarter than us? 

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we talk about AI, its effects on authentic human interactions, and its possibility of taking over our jobs in the future. We talked about our experience with using AI tools like Replika, and we also shared our genuine concern about the potential outcomes that could arise if there is no proper regulation on AI. 

Undoubtedly, this tool is fairly fantastic, but it’s also incredibly worrying because it might have a significant impact on how we live and conduct ourselves as people.

Quick episode summary: 03:14 Effect of technology on society 11:02 Is AI going to take over our jobs? 18:00 Are we living in a sci-fi movie?22:41 The possibility of having AI partners 32:04 Machines building machines 

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