Pay the BIG bucks to Sony

Sony is in a tough spot right now because their PlayStation VR pre-orders aren’t doing as well as they thought they would. We can pinpoint a few reasons why the product hasn’t done as well as was expected, and we are going to talk all about it today. 

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we talk about Sony’s recent misstep with the PlayStation VR, where they put too much stock in the pre-orders of the device and sadly, did not perform as expected. We also talked about the potential of having interchangeable equipment, such as controllers, and how Sony is invested in keeping their ecosystem exclusive. Lastly, we did not miss the chance to touch upon Microsoft’s ridiculous price increase of their consoles overseas. 

All in all, it’s an interesting conversation with lots of insight into the gaming industry, so make sure to tune in! 

Quick episode summary: 01:16 Where is the quietest room on earth?08:47 Sony overestimated PlayStation VR demand13:57 The future of gaming is flexibility 19:38 Can Sony keep everything in their ecosystem? 24:12 Microsoft also raises console rates overseas 29:48 Let’s not forget about the taxes 

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