The rise and fall of the tech world

If you have a friend in the tech industry, we encourage you to go check on them. 

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we talk about the crazy layoffs in the tech industry and how the industry that used to be thought of as the “safe route” for a career is probably now the one with the least job security. We also talked about how these layoffs might be a prelude to another Great Depression, how the recessions may have actually been planned, and why the rich might be behind all this, 

If you want to hear about our theories on the ridiculous layoffs that are going on, then make sure to tune in!

Quick episode summary: 

00:47 Crazy lay-offs in the tech industry06:54 Great Depression 2.018:19 Number of unemployed spiking up 26:13 Are we conditioned to shut up?32:53 Recessions might be planned 

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