Are games to expensive?

Are you one of those gamers who proudly buy legendary collections of all your games, or are you one of us who like to wait for the games to go on sale?

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we talked about how prices of games are mostly guaranteed to go up, and how it can be really tough for most of us gamers. We talked about whether these price increases are justified or not, and we also discussed situations where we can say that these increases are not really necessary. Case in point: Nintendo. 

If you want to hear about our theories and thoughts about these changes, then make sure to tune in! 

Quick episode summary: 01:14 Price Increases are hurting the gamers04:42 The industry is gaslighting us! 15:47 Does the American economy have a stronger hold on Sony vs Nintendo?19:54 Are price increases really necessary?29: 34 Tip for buying games 

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