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One of the things that makes Elden Ring so great is that your character’s growth is based on you. The action you take actually matters.  

In this episode of the GZ Chop Shop, we dove right in and talked about Elden Ring’s well-deserved win as this year’s Game of the Year Award winner. Every year, this award is given to recognize the game that delivers the best experience across all creative and technical fields. And Elden Ring definitely delivered in terms of creativeness and the technical areas. 

Listen into the full episode as we also discuss the games that Elden Ring was up against, the quality of games that FromSoftware continuously develops, and the insane amount of money the people are willing to pay per month to play Fortnite. 

Quick episode summary: 01:04 – The winner of Game of The Year for this year’s Game Awards 17:53 – FromSoftware and the quality of their games 20:21 – Let’s talk about Destiny DLC briefly 30:25 – The other nominees for Game of the Year 38:31 – New criteria: Content Creator of the Year42:26 – How much money you spend to play games

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