Inside gaming: Microsoft gaming VS Tencent | The REAL juggernaut of gaming.

Who is #Tencent and how have they managed to grow SO much behind the scenes in the #gaming industry? Join us as we deep dive into the #illuminati of gaming and then gaming #censorship!

00:00 Intro
03:09 Chinese gaming and Tencent
07:45 Tencent owns WHO?!
12:12 Did Tencent start the trend of micro-transactions in gaming??
16:28 Tencent and Trovo
25:10 Why we DON’T hear about Tencent like we do Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.
39:10 Gaming censorship! Where’s the line? Should there be a line?
54:14 New and upcoming games!
56:25 Outro, merch, how to find us!

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