Ubisoft Scandal?! Is the gaming industry seeing a ripple effect following Activision-Blizzard

#Ubisoft is in hot water following a new #scandal and #allegations of various kinds, not to soon after #Activision/Blizzard! #Gaming is under a microscope unlike anything seen before, we discuss this and what it might mean for the future of the gaming industry. Later we talk updates coming to #cyberpunk2077 and the games very rough start on it’s #release. Then we dive into #game #development and how YOU can easily get started developing your own game!

Time stamps
00:00 Intro
07:53 : UbiSoft and the ripple effect in the gaming industry
32:34 Cyberpunk 2077 changes and updates
51:01 Developing your own game and the upcoming RPG Maker Unite
01:02:10 Our game, patreon and merch store

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