How to GROW on Twitch or YouTube with Wild4Games

We sat down with the streaming coach and content consultant Wild4Games and dive into what makes for decent Twitch growth, setting yourself up for monetary success, navigating the world of social media, and locking down brand sponsorships.

00:00 – intro
02:35 – How Wild4Games got started! Starting off on twitch
04:40 – The good and bad of Twitch and YouTube
08:50 – Leaving Your mark: planting the seeds of growth
10:05 – Overcoming Analysis Paralysis
16:02 – The Warning signs Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard
20:51 – Mistakes content creators make
24:30 – Determining your worth
30:05 – Diversifying your content and investing in yourself
38:02 – Creating on a budget
40:25 – Creating Thumbnails and searchability
50:50 – Poddecks interview question
55:57 – Getting Linked-In and emails to find sponsors
01:00:55 – Preventing burnout
01:04:40 – Dealing with toxicity
01:07:30 – How to reach Wild

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