EPIC games wants priority on first party titles over Steam?? | GZ Chop Shop Podcast #65

Epic Games is at it again with their tug of war with Steam in trying to be the go-to online gaming service requesting priority for first-party titles, Apple still won’t play nice with others and you will never guess the crazy news SoftlySapphire dug up this week!

00:00 – Intro
01:14 – Creepy old dudes
20:46 – EPIC games vs Steam
34:03 – Trovo vs Twitch
44:57 – Becoming a Twitch partner in 2021
51: 02 – PODDECKS
51: 25 – Carah’s corner of weird
59:00 – The Warnurse and Uly rant
1:22:19 – Last thoughts

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