The Falcon and Winter Soldier: Episode 3 Power Broker Review

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Episode 3 title “Power Broker” was all about catching us up on some old characters we met and introducing us to questions, with some minor developments into characters. With the episode starting with Walker and his crew raiding the German house that offered sanctuary to the Flag Smashers. Showing us that no one respects the new Captain America. Giving us hints that Walker is not comfortable as he plays to be, holding the mantle of Captain America.

Soon after leading us to the confrontation that we wanted to see between Bucky and Zemo. Bucky coming to the conclusion that they need Zemo to figure out who’s making the serum and whos in charge of it all. Leading us to a Ocean’s style prison break of Zemo. Now Sam and Bucky are working with Zemo, travelling to different locations in this investigative and intense episode, also giving Zemo his iconic mask.

They definitely try to give us more insight to Karli Morgenthau, showing us her losing a friend that Karli wasn’t able to save. Giving us more sympathy for the terrorist leader and showing us what she is doing all this for. Soon Sam, Bucky and Zemo travel to Madripoor to figure out more on the serum, leading them to a High Ranking leader working under the Power Broker, telling them that the serum is being made in Madripoor and by the command of the Power Broker. Unfortunately the meeting doesn’t go well and lead them to meet up with Sharon, whos been on the run since Civil War. Its a great way to catch up with Sharon and giving us an insight of what she has been doing since we last saw her in Civil War.

They soon find the lab and the scientist creating the serum, where the scientist Dr. Negal who was a Hydra scientist giving sanctuary in Madripoor by the Power Broker in return to provide use of his scientific knowledge. Before Dr. Negal can give any more information, he is killed by Zemo and the entire gang ends up in a shootout to escape the lab. Zemo still following through with his plan to destroy all that remains of hydra. Escaping with their lives Sam, Bucky and Zemo travel to a safe house to figure out what their next step is.

Meanwhile we see the Flag Smasher raid a food storage building, in order to spread that food around to those in need, but Karli has other plans and blows up the entire facility with the workers inside. Creating a terrorist level event, and providing us with the fact that Karli is losing her sanity to her cause. Meanwhile Walker and Battlestar deiscuss in private the Zemo breakout, knowing it was Sam and Bucky but have no way to prove it. With the final shot being one of the Wakandian warrior meeting up with Bucky in a cliff hanger. Knowing that Zemo is still wanted dead by the Wakandians after killing their king in Civil War.

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