Godzilla vs. Kong (Spoiler Free): A Monster of a Good Time!

It finally came, after 50 years since their last fight. We finally got our questions answered in the time honored question. Who would win a fight if Godzilla fought King Kong, but unfortunately that’s only half the movie. The other half has to do with the human counterparts who’s stories really fall flat and ultimately were just there to push the story forward and set up the fights. To give this movie a fair review I will be reviewing it in two parts, the human part and the monsters part. With the final rating being a mixture of both those reviews.

Let’s start with the most boring but necessary part of the movie which was the human part. With a returning cast and a new set of characters setting up the fights and plot of the movie. The human element of this movie really was needed but to be fair not entertaining. Most of the time they give you an exposition into why or how things happen and lead you to the new location with reasons. It separates into 2 human stories that lead this movie. Group one is Rebecca Halls character Ilene Andrews, a scientist working on Skull Island as she studies Kong, making sure he doesn’t fight Godzilla, knowing there can only be one alpha and takes care of one of the last villagers of Skull Island, Kaylee Hottle as Jia. From early on you know that Kong and Jia have a sort of protector and protectee relation. With Alexander Skarsgard character coming into the facility to borrow Kong to lead them to Sub-Earth, an underground world ,sorta like Journey to the Center of Earth status. Skarsgard is funded by Apex Cybernetics by the owner himself, Walter Simmons played by Demian Bichir.  This pushes Kong out of Skull island and into the fighting ring with Godzilla. The second human story follows returning actress Millie Bobby Brown playing Madison Russell, as she follows a conspiracy theorist, Bernie Hayes played by Brian Tyree Henry, who believes Godzilla is a protector of humans and something that Apex Cybernetics is doing is causing Godzilla to attack. It’s up to Madison and her friend Josh Valentine, played by Julian Dennison, to find Bernie and discover what Apex Cybernetics is up to. Now that’s all the human part of the movie, which has so much exposition that can easily be summed up by showing what they’re doing instead of giving a long exposition and goose chase.

Now the fun part of the movie. The actual monsters in this movie were as big as the movie wanted to be. Pretty sure the editors asked Adam Wingard, How much destruction do you want?, which he simply replied with YES! The amount of destruction caused by these two behemoths during their fight is spectacular to witness. They hold nothing back and it feels like Kong and Godzilla with some surprise monster really fight to the death with no regard for anything around them. The CGI looked amazing at times and decent at others, clearly putting more of it into Godzilla and Kong. Which to be fair is not a bad thing, but there will be moments where you can clearly tell its CGI, but that doesn’t take with how amazing these fights are. I can not say much without spoiling the movie

With all that in mind Godzilla vs. Kong, is an amazing kaiju movie. With amazing fights, insane destruction and a clear answer to who is King of Monsters. With the occasional break from fighting to give everyone time to breathe, following the two human groups’ journey, which you will forget after the movie. What you will remember is all the insane fighting and fun you had just watching everyone duke it out with each other. Godzilla vs. Kong can be seen in theaters everywhere and at home through HBOMAX. 

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