The Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 2- The Star-Spangled Man Review

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In the second episode of The Falcon and Winter Soldier, it truly opens the door for what this show could be and what it is going for. It opens up with the new Captain America who we find out is John Walker. Giving us his background, how he feels about receiving the shield and how he was chosen to be the new Captain America. At first they try to make you somewhat accept this new Captain America, but further into the show, it becomes clear that the mantel of Captain America is truly earned and not given.

During this time Sam and Bucky have joined together to travel to Germany to find the group known as the Flag Smashers. A rebellious group that wants a world without borders. Their motto being “One World, One People”. The conversations between Sam and Bucky really show their feelings toward each other. Bucky being angry at Sam for giving the shield, letting the government create a new Captain America, and potentially ruining the legacy of Steve Rogers. While Sam has to come to grips that he has mad a mistake by giving away the shield. In such a short amount of time they already set the relation of Sam and Bucky as they have some respect for each other but have this anger towards each other. They have their clashing moments when it comes to their very own means of approach to things. When they track down the Flag Smasher transporting medicine, Bucky wants to jump in and fight while Sam want to gather intel before attacking. Showing us that they both work in different ways, in a way that shows how each of them dealt with Steve. Sam being more patient and thoughtful as he fought with Steve during a time where planning and coordination was more important. While Bucky fought with Steve in a time where jumping in and fighting was more prominent, in a time where they needed to be more aggressive.

During the fight on top of the two semi-trucks, Sam and Bucky were both joined by the new Captain America and his partner Lemar Hoskins a.k.a Battlestar. Soon they realize that the Flag Smasher are a group of super soldiers. We don’t know where they came from or how they became who they are. Which leaves us with so many possibilities and room to expand the MCU for the next phases. John tries to get Sam and Bucky to get along but it is clear that Sam and Bucky have their own resentment towards John, which is understandable since the shield was given to Sam to be the new Captain America. Further more they show us that the Flag Smasher have support around the world from people calling them “Robin Hood” giving them refuge in their own houses, providing them with food and places to sleep. Giving us a sight into how they are able to hide and survive in this new after Blip world. Sam and Bucky try to investigate where these Flag Smasher got their powers. Bucky having fought another super soldier in the past, introducing us to Isaiah Bradley, an experimental super soldier during the 50s. They discussed what happened to Bradley, being in jail for 30 years after fighting Bucky, being tested on by governments of the world and Hydra.

They do have an intense scene with Bucky and Sam having an argument outside, being interrupted by police. Showing us that even heroes can be treated poorly, because it was Sam being considered the attacker during this short but all too
real scene. It was a short scene but does put us back into reality of the world. Bucky ends up being arrested for missing his court mandated therapy session. Soon Bucky is released because John has given him a pardon of it, in hopes of getting them to at least accept him. But we do get a great therapy session between Sam and Bucky, truly opening up the amount of discourse they have for each other. After the session they have one more conversation with John and Lemar, making it clear that Sam and Bucky want nothing to do with John, and John warning them to stay out of his way. This opens up potential fights they might have with each other or better yet, possibly making John the final fight to claim the shield. After their discourse with John, we see the Flag Smasher flying away with the medicine they stole and losing one of there members who held back authorities knowing that they wouldn’t live after the fight, showing us how committed they are to the cause they are fighting for. The show come to a conclusion with Sam and Bucky realizing they have to talk to the one person that might know where the Flag Smasher got a hold of a super soldier serum, Baron Zemo, Who is still in prison, even after the Blip.

Overall the show had great passe, a good amount of action, opeing up the MCU even more, and was an overall fun watch. An introductry to this new Captain America. Giving us a great look into the relationship between Sam and Bucky and their feelings toward this new Captain America. This is abother great lead up to the next episode and sets up so many possibilities to truly make the show its own thing.

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